Yahoo! Weather: The Best Weather App for iPad and iPhone

Apple includes a built in Weather App in the operating system for the iPhone however for some reason it doesn’t include a built in Weather App in the iOS for the iPad and iPad Mini.  A search for a useful, easy to use, Ad Free weather app can be a frustrating experience.  Most Free Weather Apps for the iPad are either horribly cluttered with annoying banner ads or just plain ugly and disjointed.

Yahoo! Weather – is a simple, well laid out weather app that is useful, informative, easy to use, full of information and perhaps the best looking weather app for the iPad and iPhone.  Best of all it’s Free!

If you like the built in weather app that comes with the iPhone you’re going to love the Yahoo! Weather.  The built in iPhone weather app is powered by Yahoo but the dedicated Yahoo Weather App kicks it up a notch providing you way more information and a intuitive easy to navigate format.

The Yahoo Weather App has been completely redesigned and updated for iOS7.  The app launches to your specific location or home city and presents you with a beautiful scenic background photograph from Flickr which relates to the location of your forecast.  If you’re in Vancouver you get pictures of Vancouver if your checking out the weather in Las Vegas you get pictures of that city.

Swiping down from the home screen gives you more weather details including an hourly forecast, followed by a 10 day forecast, more details about your daily forecast, plus precipitation, wind speed and even satellite weather map for the selected area.

Swiping left or right moves between selected locations and pressing the + button allows you to add up to 20 cities or locations to the app.

Overall the Yahoo Weather App sounds busy and cluttered but it’s anything but. 

The Yahoo design team has managed to cram all the weather information you could want into an app that’s not only beautiful to look at but super fast and easy to navigate.

In my opinion,  Yahoo Weather is a must have for the iPad and the best weather app I’ve found to date.  I like Yahoo Weather so much I’ve installed it on my iPhone too and prefer it to the built in iOS 7 Weather App.

Yahoo Weather is elegant, informative and best of all it’s FREE.  Put it on you’re iPad  or iPhone today and see what you think.

Here’s a link to Yahoo Weather on the itunes store: Yahoo Weather for iOS

Yahoo Weather is also available on Android.  Yahoo Weather for Android

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