Microsoft Launchs Home Automation System

Does the world really need another Home Automation System, Microsoft seems to think so.

Starting June 1st, 2014 Microsoft has partnered with Insteon to incorporate the Insteon Hub and select peripheral devices into a Windows Phone App available on any device running Windows 8.1.

Features of the system will lights, electrical plug in models, thermostats and water sensors along with garage door control and video cameras for monitoring.

The Insteon platform has been around for along time and has it’s own hub and software which can be loaded into a PC or Mac.  Apps to control Intseon devices have also been available for the iPhone and iPad however up until now there was no app or tight integration for users with Windows Phones.

The race to remotely control the home continues to speed up with the likes of Google buying NEST only a couple of months ago and now Microsoft partnering with Insteon.  Z-wave still is the most popular home control and automation protocol followed by Wi-Fi, Radio Ra2, ZigBee and a host of others including Insteon.

Doyle Serink from Ion Security and Integration compares the home automation race to previous format wars like VHS vs Betamax and  Bluray vs HD DVD.  “For Home Automation to be come truly mainstream Serink says the industry needs continuity and standards.”

“Right now everybody is trying to get into this space with their own proprietary format.  This closed approach is leaving customers confused and integrators frustrated as they try to integrate competing technologies into one reliable and easy to use connected home system.  The best advice Serink can give to customers looking for an automation system is to do your homework and talk to someone who has experience with home automation otherwise you may end up with disjointed and dysfunctional home automation system which will frustrate you everyday.  When it’s done right … home automation is a magical thing.”

If you have questions about home automation or would like to add home automation to your home Doyle can be reached at:  Ion Security


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