New MacBook Air’s Coming Soon!

If you’re in the market for a New MacBook Air you may want to wait a couple of weeks.

According to Apple Insider, Apple has stopped shipments of certain MacBook Air models and have begun discounting the current configurations, a move characteristic of a new product launch or refresh.

February 24, 2015 is the rumoured launch date for the New MacBook Airs featuring new Broadwell processors.  While updates to the MacBook Air are certainly welcome, the real thing everybody wants to see is the hotly rumoured, redesigned, 12″ Retina Macbook Pro and Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is expected to launch in late March or early April while the new 12″ Macbook Air should also be released this quarter.   It’s highly unlikely that Apple will launch both the new 12″ MacBook Air at the same time as the Watch.  Feelings are mixed but some industry followers (this one included) predict Apple might do a surprise release of the new 12″ Macbook Air on February 24 this month … after all it’s the late CEO Steve Jobs Birthday (February 24, 1955).  

Sources:  apple insider



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