YouTube’s New App for AppleTV

Do you watch YouTube on AppleTV?  If you do, you’ll appreciate the new update to the YouTube App for AppleTV.

The New YouTube app for AppleTV now includes the running of YouTube ads. and looks similar in appearance to YouTube on XBox and other devices.  Including ads on Videos means that all the content in YouTube’s library (most notably Music Videos) will now play on AppleTV.  Prior to the update some YouTube videos would not play on AppleTV due to ad content.

Speaking of content …  the New YouTube app for Apple TV has sleek new design and improved predictive search capabilities.

While no official word has come out from Apple regarding an update to AppleTV the recent overhaul to the YouTube app on AppleTV seems to suggest that Google at least doesn’t think Apple is going to upgrade or change the AppleTV anytime soon.  

Some industry insiders are predicting Apple will introduce a new AppleTV with 4K streaming and built in home automation later this year while others feel the soonest Apple will release a new 4K AppleTV will be Q1 of 2016 due to the delays over the HDCP2.2 copy protection Spec.

Here’s a video showing a brief overview of the new YouTube for AppleTV.

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