Malware on Mobile Devices is up 45 percent in the past two years.

Philip Jägenstedt – Wikimedia Commons [CC0]

According to research by Alcatel-Lucent more than 16 million mobile devices were infected with some form of malware in 2014.  Malicious software on mobile was up 20 percent the previous year (2013) bringing the the total increase in malware attacks on mobile platforms up 45% since 2012.

Most mobile malware is spyware related which tracks the phones location, and monitors web browsing, email and text messages.  Android and Windows devices account for 99 percent of all malware attacks with infection rates split almost 50/50 between the two platforms.

Apple and Blackberry users are not immune to malware attacks however the infection rates on these devices is less than 1 percent combined. 

Most Android and Windows phone users don’t know all the risks associated with their mobile devices and more than 65% of those surveyed believe their service provider is taking measures to protect them from malicious software. 

While mobile network security is on the rise, most home users believe the computers in their home are Safe and virus free.  No true according another research survey by Motive, malware was found in 13.6 percent of personal residences up by 5 percent from 2013.

No computing platform is 100% safe so it’s up to users to take the proper measures to protect themselves.  Personally I use and recommend Apple devices to my clients.  Apple products are essentially a closed eco system and most software is vetted before being placed on the App store for download.  Likewise Android and Windows phone users can protect themselves by only downloading software from the Google Play store and other Android and Windows endorsed app stores.  Pirated software and jailbroken or hacked software sites often contain apps and software which may have malware embedded.  There are a host of Android and Windows phone antivirus apps and programs which can help protect your mobile and home device from malware.  Some popular antivirus apps include

With more and more personal data being stored on our mobile and personal devices maintaining security and taking the proper measures to protect yourself is vitally important.

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