Panasonic HJE120 In Ear Headphones, ErgoFit EarBuds – REVIEW

If your looking for an inexpensive set of earbuds to replace ones that came with your MP3 player you should checkout the Panasonic HJE120 ErgoFit Earbuds.

The Panasonic HJE120’s generally sell for under $20.  If you’re expecting audiophile quality sound at this price point you probably won’t find it,  I found the bass on these earbuds to be loose and muddy.  If you listen to dance, reggae or hip hop you’ll probably like the coloration of the bottom end while some listeners may find the bass coloration of these earbuds distracting. 

I’d give the Panasonic HJE120’s a Good grade on sound quality, but there’s definitely more accurate sounding earbuds out there even at this price point.

While the HJE120s may not have the most accurate sound they are definitely one of the most comfortable.  Looking at the earbuds the first thing you notice is their odd shape … How can these things fit my ears and be comfortable?   Panasonic brands these earbuds as Ergo-Fit and like the name says these earbuds fit snuggly in your ear, are very comfortable to wear and stay put when other earbuds fall out.   Another benefit of the Ergo-Fit design is superior noise isolation which makes these earbuds great for travel and noisy environments.

At under $20 the Panasonic HJE120’s are definitely worth a listen.  I really like the noise isolation and comfortable fit of these earbuds.  I found the bass coloration tiring, especially when listening for a long periods.  If you’re like me and prefer more accurate sound reproduction,  take a look at the Sony MDREX15LP, in-ear headphones.  The Sony’s are not quite as comfortable nor snug fitting as the Panasonic’s but the Sony MDR-EX15LPs do have a a smoother, more natural sound at a similar price. 

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