50% of U.S. Homes Have a PVR

Does anybody watch Live TV anymore?

According to a survey by Leichtman Research Group (LRG),  Almost half (47%) of U.S. homes have at least one PVR and 23 percent have a PVR on more than one set.  PVR sales are beginning to level out after years of exponential growth.  Among households with a PVR, LGR’s survey found 70 percent also subscribe to Netflix or use Video On Demand (VOD) services from their cable company.

PVR’s have changed the way we watch Television and it’s clear from the numbers that North American’s are no longer content to simply abide by the TV broadcast schedule but rather control not only what they watch but decide when they want to watch it.  Most viewers with PVRs time shift programs and Skip through commercials.  The growth in Netflix indicates that North Americans want to be able to view and access their programming not only at home but on the road, mobile as well.  The popularity of Video On Demand also indicates that traditional TV viewing habits are changing  and services like VOD and Netflix have spawned a whole new method of TV viewing called Binge Watching.

Responding to changing viewer habits the CRTC recently ruled to make cable companies unbundle some services and even allow a la carte programming.  PVR’s, Video-On-Demand and Netflix have changed the way we watch conventional programming and Smart Phones and Tablets have untethered us from our couches and transformed Television to a mobile platform.  The recent announcements by Dish Network and Apple TV to provide traditional TV programming on their streaming media devices indicates the future direction traditional broadcast television will be going in the near future.  The transformation won’t be fast and the road will be bumpy – but the way we watch television and access media is slowly changing

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