New App Coming Soon

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.04.38 PMLas Vegas hosts North America’s largest security and tech show this week ISC West.  The trade show opens up in just two days (April 15th) but the new product announcements have just begun. just announced a New App for iOS and Android will be coming soon.

The new App with include:

1 – Fan Support:  Control of Furnace Fan Settings via the app.  We’re not sure if this is for All supported thermostats or just the New branded thermostat they showed off at CES 2015

2 – Enhanced Support for Lutron Devices:  We can’t wait to see this feature.  Previously Lutron Support on the App has been hit and miss, (Mostly Miss) ,  any improvements to Lutron Integration will be welcomed.

3 – Remote Water Management: I briefly discussed water management last year with and their product development team was just beginning to work on water management last year.  It will be great to see what they’ve come up with and how they are going to integrate Water Management into the experience.

4 – Actionable Notifications:  With the New App some notifications will be actionable directly from the notification screen without opening up the app.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 1.25.56 PM5 – Apple Watch Support:  Anyone who watched the Apple Watch launch last month saw a demo of the app on the Apple Watch.  The biggest takeaway for me was watching the garage door camera screen pop up and show the garage door automatically when the open door button was pressed on the Apple Watch.  Currently with the app you have to do two things separate steps to enable viewing of the camera and garage door opening.  1 – Press the open garage door button on the app, then second 2 – Press the garage camera icon button on the app.  The Apple Watch app during the demo seemed to integrate BOTH These actions into one step.  I’m curious if the iOS App and Android App will work the same as the Apple Watch App?

Stay Tuned for more news and events from the ISC West Show later this week.


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