New App Now Available

new app New App’s new iOS App Version 3.2 is now available for download on the Apple App Store.

The New iOS App adds support for the Apple Watch and will allow you to arm/disarm, control locks, garage doors and thermostats all from the Apple Watch.

Some Notifications are now Actionable right from the notifications screen without the need to launch the app.  Actionable notifications include arm/disarm, door lock/unlock and garage door open and close.

Old New T-Stat

The Thermostat section of the App has been enhanced and allows you to control your furnace fan and edit schedules right from the app.

lutron screen 1Next up is huge improvements and better integration with Lutron Caseta and Radio Ra2 systems.

Previous to this upgrade Lutron integration with was clunky and awkward.  The new App organizes Lutron devices into Switches and Dimmers, Picos, Keypads and Scenes and Shades.  The new interface is more intuitive and easy to navigate and control.

This app upgrade is a must for Lutron users.

lutron 2

Not to be outdone by Lutron, the Z-Wave lighting section in the new 3.2 App also gets a minor upgrade.  Z-Wave lights and switches are now directly controlled by clicking on the on/off, dim icons next to the device name and gone is the SET button.

Two-Way status feedback is now provided to all Z-Wave and Lutron devices so the user can know if lights have been left on or off, or if shades have been left open or closed.

Lastly, Version 3.2 adds new features to the Water Value Control, allowing you to monitor your sump pump and remotely turn water values on or off via the app or by rules settings.

Overall the new Version 3.2 iOS App is a great improvement over the previous app.  The new interface is more intuitive and makes controlling the devices in your home smooth and easy.

If you would like more information on Home Automation or the New App call or email Ion Security Systems 780-489-5522.


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