The NEST Effect …. Smart Thermostats Everywhere!

If anyone doubted the impact Google’s purchase of NEST would have on the security industry it was clearly evident at ISC West this year.  Walking around the show floor, I couldn’t tell if I was at a HVAC Trade Show or a Security Show.

Honeywell displayed their new Lyric Smart Thermostat along with their shinny new Lyric Panel. showed off their new CES 2015 Award winning Smart Thermostat and 2Gig was displaying a complete new line of smart thermostats.  Not to be outdone Radio Thermostat had four new smart thermostats to show off and Oh ya … Nest was there too.

So who was the winner?  Well nobody in particular, when it comes to smart thermostats it’s all about appearance, aesthetics and personal taste and it looks like consumers will have more choices than ever in 2015 when it comes to selecting a new Smart Thermostat.

The Honeywell Lyric Smart Thermostat is a WiFi based Thermostat intended to be used as a stand alone smart thermostat or in conjunction with Honeywell’s New Lyric All in One Alarm Panel.  Lyric borrows heavily on the industrial design concept and looks a lot like the Nest Thermostat in appearance.

Alarm-com-Smart-ThermermostatThe new Smart Thermostat won the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) Mark of Excellence Award at this years CES 2015 for Energy Efficiency Product to the Year.  Designed specifically for the smart home, the new Smart Thermostat combines a timeless, clean, sleek design along with a sophisticated back end with cloud services for  energy management and control.


ADC_smart_thermostat2This Smart Thermostat uses the latest Z-Wave chipset for communication and offers multi-sensor learning, room-by-room temperature control, location based automation and even responsive control based on current weather data and information. went with simplicity in design so there are no confusing LCD Screens or complicated controls on the front  of the Thermostat, just an easy to read LED display that illuminates when the up, down or status button is pressed and the just disappears.

Setup, settings and advanced controls are all programmed by the app and there is even an easy auto scheduling feature which really simplifies the programming process.


2Gig Showed off a couple new Go Control Smart Thermostats which match the style and look of their GoControl Alarm Panels.  Go Control eventually will have three smart thermostats in their lineup, The Standard, Premium and eventually a Color Touch Screen Model.  At ISC West this year 2Gig had the Standard and Premium Smart Thermostats on display in their booth.  The Premium GoControl Thermostat has a clean front face with no buttons and a full Backlit LCD Touch screen panel.  The Standard GoControl Thermostat has four front panel buttons and a Non-Touch LCD Display.  Both panels use the latest Z-Wave chipsets for communication and pair with the 2Gig GoControl Smart Alarm Panels. Look for our video preview of the new 2Gig Thermostats on a separate post.

CIMG9779CIMG9775Radio Thermostat had four New Smart Thermostats on display at their booth in the Z-Wave Alliance Pavilion.  The new CT32, CT101, CT102 and CT110 all have Backlit LCD Screens and some models have full touch screens while others have side mounted push button controls.

The new CT102 and CT110 Thermostats are especially attractive with White High Gloss almost Glass-Like front panels.

The CT101 is the thinnest Smart Thermostat we saw at the show and the all white front panel is nice improvement over the white and grey panel of the former CT100.

Look for a full video review of the Radio Thermostat lineup on a separate post.



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