Aukey BR-C1 Bluetooth Wireless Receiver

My work van has a Jensen Stereo with 30Pin iPod docking cable which no longer works with my iPhone 6 with lighting cable. I tried various lighting cable to 30Pin dock adapters however the firmware in the Stereo did not recognize the iPhone when connected with any of the adapters I tried so the next solution was to try and find a Bluetooth Adapater that would pair with my iPhone 6 and dock with my In-Dash stereo using one of the auxilary audio inputs.

I found the Aukey Portable Wireless Bluetooth Reciever on Amazon and this little adapter did the trick.  The Aukey Bluetooth Reciever paired easily with my iPhone and docked perfectly with the auxilary input on my in-dash stereo.  I ran power permanently to the Aukey receiver and installed it beneath my dash out of sight.  Once the install was complete I now had upgraded my old car stereo to bluetooth.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add bluetooth to your home are car stereo components check out the Aukey Portable Wireless Bluetooth Receiver from

Link: Aukey Portable Bluetooth Receiver

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