Wi-Fi Assist on Apple iOS 9 Can Cause a Spike in Cellular Data Use

Apple’s new iOS 9 has several significant improvements from its predecessor but one new feature called Wi-Fi Assist is being blamed for a spike in cellular data usage and can lead to considerable expense if you’re not careful

Wi-Fi Assist is a new mode on iOS 9 that automatically switches your iOS device from Wi-Fi to cellular data when it encounters weak or poor Wi-Fi Signals.  At first many iOS 9 users thought this was just a glitch in the operating system but Apple designed it to give the user a better streaming experience albeit at the expense of cellular data.

If you have an unlimited cellular data plan then you have nothing to worry about, however if you live in Canada where data rates are some of the highest in the world,  having your iPhone or iPad switch from Wi-Fi to Cellular data while watching your favourite YouTube video could cost you big time if you exceed your data cap.  Cellular data rates in Canada average 5¢ a megabyte when you’re over your cap.  Watching streaming video from YouTube or Netflix using cellular data could set you back $20/hour.

In order to avoid burning up your cellular data and avoid extra charges I recommend turning off Wi-Fi Assist on all devices running iOS 9.  This is especially important for children’s or teenager’s devices.

To Turn Off Wi-Fi Assist in iOS9 :

Go to Settings

Select Cellular,

Scroll down to Wi-Fi Assist at the bottom of the page

Then Move the Slider to “OFF”

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