D-Link Water Sensor Review

Damage from water leaks, burst pipes and broken appliances totals more than 9 billion dollars a year in property losses for North America.

The key to preventing or minimizing water damage to floor, carpets, drywall and baseboards is early detection. If left unchecked, water damage can cause mold which is not only costly to repair but can be a serious health hazard.

I have personally experienced water damage four times in my life, the first when a hot tub pipe flooded the basement. Next when a hose fitting broke on our kitchen sink faucet.  A few years later the evaporator coil in our furnace froze up and flooded a portion of our basement.  Most recently our hot water tank sprung a leak and flooded the utility room. Each one of these leaks resulted in thousands of dollars in damage and in each case, the damage would have been less if the water leak was detected sooner.

The D-Link DCH-S160 is a simple, easy, cost effective way to detect water leaks in your home. The D-link water sensor consists of a main unit which is gloss white and plugs into a 110V AC electrical outlet. A 3.3 foot telephone type cable plugs into the bottom of the main unit and then a 1.6 foot sensor cable plugs into the extension cable completing the assembly. The water sensor probe is located near the area or appliance where you want to be notified of leaks. Sump pumps, water pumps, washers, dishwashers, water tanks, hot water heaters, toilets, sinks, air conditioners and hot tubs are just some of the places you might want to place a D-Link Water Sensor.

Once the sensor is in place pairing is done using the WPS button on your router. Once the main sensor unit is paired, you need to download the Mydlink Home App on your tablet or smart phone and then a private Peer to Peer (P2P)connection is established between your device and the water sensor by scanning a QR Code that came with the D-Link Water Sensor.

My home has 2 routers in it so I was concerned that the P2P connection may not work since port forwarding can be pretty tricky when two routers are involved. It took two tries but on the second attempt the MyDlink Home App was able to find and connect with the water sensor, and I’m happy to say it’s been a couple of weeks and the water sensor has stayed connected to the mydlink services and MyDlink Home app without issue. I even unplugged the water sensor and moved it to another location and the mydlink app was still able to connect and find it.

How Does It Work:
I hooked the D-link, DCH-S160 up to my sump pump and then behind my washing machine for a couple of weeks and in both cases the water sensor performed perfectly. I didn’t have any leaks however I did simulate leaks in both scenarios to test out the sensor and it performed well. It takes only a few drops of water on the sensor to activate the alarm and when it is triggered a local siren beeps and a notification is sent all the phones and tablets with the Mydlink Home App installed on them.

In my tests the notifications on my devices were almost immediate, say 5-10 seconds, which is pretty amazing. I do have two concerns regarding the water alarm alerts. First the built in siren is only rated at 70db which is pretty quiet and probably would go unnoticed in a noisy house.  Likewise the built in siren probably wouldn’t wake you up if you were sleeping. The notifications on the iPhone are just regular notifications also and not very loud.  There is no way in the app on the iPhone to customize the notifications to be louder. Lastly regarding notifications and sleeping if you are like me an put your phone into sleep mode before bed, all notifications are silenced so in this case a loud local alarm siren would be very beneficial.

D-Link does make an optional wireless siren (DCH-S220) which I’m told is much louder (110db) and can be installed anywhere in the home where there is a 110V outlet. I haven’t been able to test the siren yet so I can’t say how well it works. If d-link sends me one, I’ll test it and let you know if it’s worth purchasing.

Overall the D-Link DCH-S160 Water Sensor is well built and exceeded my expectations. The water sensor is affordable, easy to install and notifies you quickly when the water alarm is triggered.

For more information about the D-link water sensor and to see it in use watch the video.

If you wish to purchase a D-Link Water Sensor just click the Amazon link below for US or Canada stores.

Amazon.com Link:  D-Link DCH-S160 mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor

Amazon.ca Link:   D-Link DCH-S160 mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor, White

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