SanDisk 32GB microSDHC Card with SD Adapter USB 2.0 Reader – Review

Costco in Canada is currently selling this SDHC Card bundle for $23.99 which is a great price for a 32GB SanDisk Ultra SDHC card and you get the full sized SD Card adapter and a handy USB2 Adapter included in the package.

Overall this SanDisk Ultra SDHC card is great for recording HD videos on your GoPro camera and for storing music and apps on your smart phone.

Read and Write speeds.  Benchmarks on the SanDisk Ultra range between 10-15MB/s which is plenty fast for shooting 4K Video on your GoPro Camera without any problems.  Equally important is reliability and for my money SanDisk is one of the better, more reliable brands of SD cards available.

Most micro SD cards come with a full sized SD Card adapter but one of the benefits of this package is the Handy microSD to USB2 reader.  While some computers have SD card slots built in for the ones that don’t transferring files from a micro SD card to a computer generally means using  two adapters, first a micro SD to SC card adapter and then a SD card to USB adapter.  SanDisk avoids all this by allowing you to plug the micro SD Card in directly to the USB port with one convenient adapter.

Digital Cameras:  While it is possible to use Micro SD Cards adapters in place of full sized SD Cards in digital cameras it is not recommended since you may experience slower write speeds due to the adapter.  This is especially important when recording video.  Don’t get me wrong, micro SD cards will work in digital cameras, you just may experience occasional write errors which can be frustrating.  Personally, I’ve had this happen several times.

Thumb Drives:  Many people like using micro SD Cards as USB thumb drives because of their size and portability.  While it may be possible to use a Micro SD card as a USB Thumb Drive is is not recommended since read and write speeds will vary and are prone to drop outs due once again to the USB adapter.  While a micro SD card to USB reader is great for transferring data it can be problematic when streaming music or videos.


Overall the SanDisk 32GB micro SDHC Card with SD Adapter and USB 2.) Reader is an excellent value with exceptional performance and good reliability.

This SanDisk Micro SD Card package is available for a$23.99 at Costco Wholesale Locations across Canada while supplies last.

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