Apple silently acknowledges iPhone needs a longer lasting battery

apple252520case25252021In the race to make phones slimmer and lighter, iPhone is clearly the frontrunner but sadly at the cost of diminished battery performance. Anyone who uses an iPhone knows they can’t make it through a day without having to plug in and top off the battery at some point during their day.

Today Apple released a smart battery case for the iPhone 6s and with it silently acknowledged the poor performance of the iPhone 6s battery.

Apple claims the new Smart Battery Case will add 80 percent more battery life to the iPhone 6s while doubling the thickness of the device to 14.1mm.

The new Apple Smart Case  for iPhone 6 is a one piece case design which loads from the top and unlike other cases its fairly easy to insert and remove your iPhone.  The case itself has a velvety silicone rubber feel to it and the rear battery bump wraps around your hand nicely.  The case has a built in a lighting connector, cellular antenna booster and an intelligent battery status integrated into iOS9 … all these things make this case very easy to use compared to other third party cases.apple252520case2525201

It’s unclear what Apple’s strategy is with this product.  Have they finally realized that their iPhones need bigger batteries and perhaps shifted their focus on future iPhones from make them slimmer to making them more functional, slightly thicker with bigger batteries.  Perhaps Apple is just trying to capitalize on the ever growing market of battery pack cases from third party manufacturers.  Whatever the strategy … one thing is clear,  Apple finally has acknowledged that their devices simply need bigger batteries.

There is no word from Apple if similar cases will be available for the iPhone 6 Plus models or older iPhones.

Perhaps the New Apple Smart Case for iPhone 6 will become the impetus to change Apple Design thinking away from the slimmer is better philosophy to perhaps a little thicker with a larger battery isn’t a bad thing.  Who knows.

I can’t wait to see if iPhone 7 will be thicker with a larger built in battery or perhaps … heaven forbid a removable battery?  Ok maybe that’s asking too much from Apple.

The Smart Case for iPhone 6/s comes in two colors, Charcoal or White and Sells for $99 in the US and $129 in Canada.


Apple USA Store Product Link

Apple Store Canada Link





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