New Rules for Police Dispatch in Toronto – January 2016

Effective January 1st, 2016 Toronto Police will require no longer be responding to Non-Verified alarm signals.

The current alarm response drafted in 2012 reads “A verified call for service will be dispatched to the first available police field unit at a higher priority level.  A non-verified alarm signal will be dispatched to a police field unit at a lower priority level.  It should be noted that police response is determined by the nature of demand, priorities and resources available at the time of the request for police response.

Effective January 1, 2016, All Alarm Responses will need to be VERIFIED by one following processes:

  • Audio Device
  • Video Device
  • Multiple Zone Trips
  • Eyewitness (ie private security, guard service or person at the scene)
  • Key Holder Notification.  Unanswered calls at the premise or from the calling list are not considered to meet the requirements of the “verification process”

Panic Alarm signals are not included in the required verification process.

What this means for alarm owners in Toronto is that the police are no longer going to respond to an alarm signal without verification, unless that signal is a Panic Alarm.

Lower budgets and higher demands for service are taxing police resources not just in Toronto but across the entire country.  Most police services have employed or are moving toward a VERIFIED ALARM requirement before dispatch.

What does this mean to alarm system owners?

  1. Make sure you have a proper alarm permit for your city … if required
  2. Install or Upgrade to an interactive alarm system.  Interactive alarm systems can send voice, text, email and push alerts to your smart phone almost immediately, allowing you to confirm and verify alarm signals quickly and minimize false alarms.
  3. Two-way Voice Systems are preferred since they enable the monitoring station to Listen In and communicate with the premise.
  4. Video Cameras or Image Sensors can help Validate Alarm Signals.
  5. Installing Extra Sensors helps to meet the Multiple Zone Verification Requirement
  6. Get to know your neighbours, they can help you Verify Alarm Signals from you home as an eyewitness
  7. Add additional people to your call or notification list, especially those people who live close to your home.
  8. Inquire with your alarm company about private guard response

For more information about security systems and alarms in Edmonton contact Doyle at Ion Security


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