Epson EX7200 Replacement Bulb – Review

I often get asked questions about replacement bulbs for the Epson EX7200 and EX71 projectors.  First while the EX7200 and EX71 projectors LOOK the same the bulbs are different so make sure you check to see which projector you have before ordering replacement bulbs.

This blog post is for the Epson EX7200 projector,  if you have an EX71 use the search tool on the top corner to find information for that projector.

The factory original Epson replacement part number for the EX7200 Bulb is:  ELPLP58 or V13H010L58.  This bulb will work with Epson EX3200, EX5200 and EX7200 projectors.

You can buy a replacement bulb directly from Epson’s website for $269.oo (CDN)

Epson Store ELPLP58 Bulb Link

If $269.00 seems too much for a replacement lamp you are in luck because the web is full of Third Party sellers offering replacement bulbs at much lower prices … the question is which one should I buy?

When buying third party generic replacement lamps there are four things to consider.

1 – Are you buying just the light bulb itself?  You can save money by just buying the raw light bulb itself and reusing your old light bulb housing but if you go this route you will have to first take apart your old lamp housing and then install the new lamp and reassembly the lamp housing.  This can be time consuming and if you do something wrong you can end up with a lamp that doesn’t work properly.  I don’t recommend buying just the light bulb.

2 – Bulb and Housing:  When shopping for replacement bulbs I recommend buying the lamp/housing already assembled and ready to go … Plug N Play.  You can still save $100 or more buying the complete lamp assembly from a third party seller.

3 – Return Policy and Warranty:  Consider the return policy and warranty of the lamp from whoever you decide to purchase the replacement lamp from.  Damage to the lamp can occur in shipping and manufacture defects can leave you with a bulb that is DOA …. what do you do when this happens depends on where you bought the replacement lamp online. I’ve purchased several replacement lamps online from various sellers on ebay, amazon and direct websites,  my experience has lead me to recommend Amazon over others since they have a good purchase protection policy and easy returns for the buyer.

4 – Wait Until You Need It:  Projector bulbs are sold with warranties from 30 days up to 180 days.  If you purchase a bulb in advance as a spare, keep in mind that the warranty starts as soon as you receive the bulb …  If you do buy bulbs as advance replacements, I recommend installing the new bulb right away and keeping the old bulb as a backup or spare,  that way you maximize your warranty.

So far I’ve had good luck purchasing Epson Replacement bulbs from a seller on Amazon called MHM International.  At the time of this review MHM currently is selling the Epson ELPLP58 $63.69 + $8.37 shipping with 150 day warranty.  My recommendation when purchasing bulbs on line is to always check the “Compare Offers On Amazon” box on the bottom right hand corner of the product listing on Amazon.  When there are multiple sellers, selling the same product on Amazon, sometimes the seller that appears on the listing is not the seller you wish to purchase.  Check compare offers on Amazon and make sure your comfortable with the seller feedback score, the price and warranty or return policy of the product before ordering.  Here is the link to the Amazon listing for the Epson EX7200 replacement bulb from MHM International.

Electrified- Replacement Lamp With Housing For Ex-5200 Ex5200 For Epson Products – 150 Day Electrified Warranty

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