How to Fix HDMI Syncing Issues

vanco-2Anyone who’s worked with HDMI extenders knows eventually you will run into a problem where no matter what you do the HDMI Signal will not stay synced with the display/TV.

HDMI distribution is like VooDoo Science to me.  Sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes no matter what you do the HDMI signal will not sync with the TV display or will temporarily sync and then drop in and out sporadically for no reason.

For the past seven months I was experiencing an HDMI Sync problem with a Samsung 55 inch LED TV.  The HDMI signal was carried to the TV by Category Cable and a HDMI Extender was used.  We were lucky enough to have three Cat5 and 2 Cat6 runs to the TV and all cables were tested for polarity, continuity and speed.  During the seven month trouble period we tried five different models of HDMI extenders from four different Manufacturers including Atlona, Binary, Monoprice, Vanco and two No Name Generic Brands.  Two of the extenders were HDBaseT while the other three were non-HDBaseT.  While some extenders worked better than others in the end we experienced the same syncing problem with all five extenders.  After some period of time the Samsung TV would give the Blue Screen of Death with the Message ‘No HDMI Input’. During our trouble shooting the last test was to try different HDMI inputs however that didn’t work either.

vanco1I reached out to my distributor and the manufacturer Vanco explaining the problems I was encountering with the HDMI extenders and TV.

Vanco Division Manager Michael K and Q.C. Manager Sandor R. both wrote me back making a couple troubleshooting suggestions and recommendations.

Both Michael and Sandor described the problem I was experiencing as a Voltage Issue with the Samsung TV’s video card.

The first recommendation was to connect the HDMI Cable to the MHL/DVI HDMI input on the TV.   I tried that however the Sporadic HDMI Sync Problem still remained.

The next recommendation was to install a Vanco 280571 HDMI Clock Re-synthesizer/Conditioner.  I never heard of this product before but I thought it was worth a try.  The Vanco 280571 hooks up at either end of the HDMI line, either at the source before the Extender or at the TV after the extender but before the TV input.

vanco-3For my application I installed the Vanco HDMI synthesizer/conditioner at the HDMI output of my Marantz AVR.  So the output of the receiver goes into the Vanco 280571 then out of the conditioner and into the HDMI input of my Vanco Extender.

Based on all my previous troubleshooting and repair attempts I must say I was very skeptical that this Magic Box from Vanco would work but much to my surprise IT DID!

With the Vanco 280571 installed inline on the HDMI connection from the receiver to the Samsung TV the HDMI syncing issues disappeared and the connection to the TV was rock solid.  No Syncing issues, no HDMI drop outs and No Samsung Blue Screen of Death.

I don’t know exactly what this Magic Box from Vanco does but if you are experiencing HDMI Syncing issues and the proverbial Blue Screen of Death you might want to pick one up and give it a try.  It took seven months, 11 service calls and more than 40 hours in labour before we were able to finally able to solve this HDMI Syncing problem for our client.  Ever since this experience we now carry the Vanco 280571 in all our service vans and use it whenever we run into HDMI Sync problems.

If you are experiencing HDMI Sync issues I would highly recommend trying the Vanco 280571 HDMI synthesizer/conditioner.

First Test your HDMI or Category Cables and connections

Next connect the HDMI Cable to the MHL/DVI HDMI input on your TV.

Third:  If steps 1&2  do not correct the problem try adding the Vanco 280571 HDMI synthesizer/conditioner

HDMI syncing issues can be difficult to troubleshoot and even more difficult to solve.

Be patient and Good Luck

Product Link:  Vanco 280571 HDMI Conditioner

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