New Flood – Freeze Sensor from Resolution Products

trident-1Resolution Products will be showing off a New Wireless Flood and Freeze Sensor at ISC West this year.  The New Sensor is called the REx18 TRIDENT and comes in wireless versions compatible with most alarm systems including 2GIG, Honeywell, Interlogix (GE) and DSC.

Previous to the Trident most flood sensors required a Wired Probe attached to a transmitter.

What makes the REx18 Trident Sensor unique is it’s fully self contained hockey puck design which incorporates the water probe, temperature sensor, transmitter and battery pack all in one.

Trident-7Previous water sensors were sometimes difficult or awkward to install but the new Trident Sensor is easy to deploy, attractive and can be installed in many more places where conventional wired or tethered water sensor probes just won’t work.  The REx18 Trident Sensor can be wall mounted or just placed on the floor near the area you wish to monitor.

Traditional water sensors will continue to be used concealed places like sump pumps but the Trident Sensor is attractive enough to be used out in the open and looks great beside or underneath, Sinks, Toilets, Bathtubs, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Washing Machines and Water Heaters.

Trident-6Water damage is among the most costly insurance claims and even a small leak can create thousands of dollars of damage.  Early detection is the key to minimizing and preventing costly water damage from occurring and the new REx18 Trident Sensor is a great way to monitor your home for water leaks and low temperature conditions.

To find out more about the new REx18 Trident Water Sensor visit resolutionproducts or Ion Security


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