Denon’s New AVR’s

denon heos AVR

If you’re in the market for an Audio/Video Receiver you might be tempted by the recent sale prices of some Denon Receivers last month but Denon is clearing their old models out to make room for three new S-Series receivers set to debut in April.

Three new Denon receivers will be released this month including the top of the line flagship AVR-S930H 7.2 with full 4K HD switching, Dolby Atmos and Denon Heos streaming built in.

The entry level AVR-S530BT is a 4K compatible 5.2 channel AVR with 140 watts per channel and five HDMI inputs.

The most intriguing new AVR in the lineup is the mid level AVR-S730, 7.2 Channel, 4K compatible receiver with Dolby Atmos, HDCP 2.2 Six HDMI Inputs and Denon Heos built in.  The S730 is the lowest priced Denon receiver to include HEOS and is controllable through the Denon AVR Remote or Heos App.

Look for the new Denon AVR’s to be available in Canada this Spring.



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