Exercise Room TV with Sonos Playbar

IMG_6433When Gary and Christine moved into their new home they wanted a TV mounted in the centre of their exercise room they wanted a TV mounted above their Suntan Bed which could swivel a full 180° degrees so they could watch it while running on the treadmill, working out on the Universal Gym or view the TV while sitting in the Sauna. 

Mounting the TV was the first challenge but Gary’s  second request was also complicated.  “I don’t want speakers in the ceiling”  Gary told Doyle from Ion Smart Security.  “I want a soundbar on the TV with the ability to focus and concentrate sound in the direction the TV is pointed”  “Lastly I want the wiring to be clean”

IMG_6420With years of commercial audio and video experience Doyle decided the best way to meet the clients design criteria was to mount the TV in the exercise room using a ceiling mount rather than a full motion wall mounts.  “Wall mounts only allow about 130° degrees of motion so they wouldn’t work for this application”. The ceiling mount needed to be modified to work with the tight confines of the space above the ceiling tile.  “In commercial applications we usually have a lot more space above the ceiling to work with but in this case we had less than nine inches above the ceiling tile and to make matters worse we had to work around heating vents and water pipes.” 

IMG_6436After figuring out how to mount the TV the next step was a method to mount the Sonos Playbar.  Doyle modified a traditional Sonos wall mount to work with a special Soundbar bracket.  The modified soundbar mount attached to the back of the TV and mounted the Sonos Playbar tightly and securely to the bottom of the TV.  In addition to the Sonos Playbar a Sons Sub was placed in the corner of the gym and paired to with the Sonos Playbar.  With the speakers installed the next step was to Tune the Room with Sonos’ “TruePlay” Speaker Calibration.  Once the calibration was complete the system sounded phenomenal.  The sound was crisp and clean with super tight bass … not a easy feat in a room filled with potential echo’s and standing waves. 

IMG_6426With the TV mounted, the Playbar installed Doyle Turned his attention to wiring up the Shaw cable box and cleaning up the wiring.  The Shaw cable box was mounted behind the TV hidden from view but still in remote control range.  The power and video cables were covered with split loom tubing and neatly wrapped to provide a clean look from all angles.

With the install complete it was time for Gary and Chris to give the new TV and Playbar a workout.  With Gary on the weights and Chris running on the treadmill the volume from the Sonos Playbar was not only loud enough to overcome the ambient noise in the room but sounded fantastic.  After their workout it was time to hit the sauna.  The TV was able to turn enough to allow a “Straight On View” while sitting in the sauna and the direction sound of the Sonos Playbar mounted below the TV was terrific.  “Overall we’re very happy with the install Doyle did … I’m a pretty handy guy but this is something I couldn’t have done myself”.

If you would like more information on TV Mounting, Sonos, Security Systems and Home Automation give the guys at Ion Smart Security a call (780) 489-5522 or http://www.ionsecuritysystems.com

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