Do It For Me TV Installation with Hidden Wiring

When Kevin Johnson wanted to mount a TV in his computer room he ran into three problems. 1 – The TV Outlet was on the opposite side of the room 2 – There was no power on the wall where the TV was going 3 – All TV power and cables needed to be hidden inside the wall.

Part 1:

Kevin is a DIY kinda guy.  He has some tools, so mounting the TV was something he could do himself.  When it came to installing a new cable TV outlet, running power for the TV and fishing wires inside the wall,  those parts of the job Kevin could use a hand with so he called Ion Smart Security. Ion had the expertise and the specialized tools to help Kevin with his TV install.  By hiring Ion for part of the job, Kevin didn’t have to go out and buy a fish tape, coaxial cable, electrical boxes, stud finders, long drill bits, hole saws, an oscillating tool or drywall saw.  Having someone with experience help guide Kevin through the job not only made  the job go quicker, but also prevented Kevin from making costly mistakes. The first step was to move the existing cable line over to the adjacent wall.  To do this Doyle from Ion first identified the proper cable in the attic that needed to be moved and then spliced an additional length of coax onto the existing cable so it would be long enough to reach the new TV location.  Kevin (the home owner) then crawled in the attic and with the help from Ion was able to fish the cable to the new TV location.  With Doyle’s guidance and tools, Kevin was able to successfully drill a hole in the attic and then fish the new coax cable down the wall where Doyle had already cut a hole and installed a low voltage box. Once the cable line was installed and working the next step was to mount the TV.  Kevin didn’t need any help with this part so Doyle from Ion left and would be called back when Kevin was ready for part two. Kevin purchased a TV mount from Amazon and mounted the TV by himself.  The power and HDMI cables were ran on the surface of the wall for the time being until he had time to book Ion again to help him complete the job. Part 2: After calling Ion Smart Security to book a second ‘Do it with Me’ installation, Kevin was advised by Ion to purchase a DataComm Power Kit from Amazon and have it ready for the installation date.  Many homeowners think they can just drill a hole and run a power cord or extension cord through the wall however this is against electrical code and could void your home owners insurance in the case of a fire claim.  At Ion we recommend that all TV installations follow the electrical code, as Mike Holmes would say “Do it Right”. A couple days after the Power Kit arrived Doyle from Ion Smart Security came back to Kevin’s home to finish the job.  Kevin removed the TV for Doyle and using his oscillating tool, Doyle carefully cut out the holes for the power and low voltage boxes and helped Kevin install the electrical and HDMI cabling inside the wall. After the boxes and cabling were installed, Kevin remounted his TV onto the bracket and connected up his Shaw Cable box and Amazon FireStick.  Doyle even had some tips to clean up the power and wiring making the job look super clean. By doing some of the work himself Kevin saved a couple of hours in labour charges and approximately  30% on equipment and materials costs.  Not having to purchase expensive specialized tools was another saving. By hiring Ion Smart Security to “Do it With Me” Kevin figures he saved both time and money.  In his words “I got the best of both worlds … I did part of the job myself, saved some money, learned a lot and avoided costly mistakes”. If you’re a Do it Yourselfer like Kevin but don’t have the tools or experience give Ion Smart Security a call, we’d love to help you out.  We can do everything for you or if you prefer to do some of the work yourself,  we can “Do it With You”.
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