August Adds Z-Wave to Existing Lock Conversion Kits

August was one of the first companies to market a Wi-Fi Lock Conversion kit allowing you to turn an ordinary deadbolt into a Wi-Fi Connected Smart Lock.

This month August added Z-Wave Conversion Kits to their product lineup enabling the August Lock conversion kit to work and pair with Z-Wave Home Automation Hubs and Gateways.

Personally I think the Kwikset/Weiser Convert is a more elegant and refined solution than August but both Conversion Kits make Ordinary Deadbolt locks SMART adding the ability to remotely lock, unlock, receive notification and monitor the status of your connected door lock.

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New 5″ Inch Touchscreen for Concord 4

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Interlogix/GE showed off their beautiful new 5″ Inch Touchscreen for Concord 4 Alarm Panels this week.

The new 5″ inch touchscreen is larger, thinner and sleeker looking than the 4″ inch touchscreen and can be used to program the panel … something the  4″ inch touchscreen cannot do.

Sources say the 4″ Touch Screen and older Concord Numeric Keypads will eventually be phased out replaced by the larger 5″ inch Touch Screen and Euro Designer keypads.

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DSC’s New iOtega Wireless Alarm/Automation System

IMG_6402DSC’s New iOtega Wireless Alarm/Automation System is built around a similar form factor as an Apple TV or Android TV box, just slightly larger.

The NEW iOtega uses DSC Power G Technology and encrypted sensors for security and has built in Wi-Fi and Z-Wave Plus radios for communication and automation.

The backend service is provided by 3G or LTE through SecureNet.

The iOtega Base Station programmed through the Cloud.  The base station has a built in Keypad, Ethernet Port and Power Connector, everything else is handled wirelessly.

Control over the security and automation can be done using the App or optional Wireless Tablet Style Touchscreen.

iOtega can be professionally installed or is equally compatible as an easy to install DIY Device.


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Kwikset / Weiser Convert – New Z-Wave Deadbolt Conversion Kit

Kevo-Convert_InteriorKwikset first introduced the bluetooth based Kevo CONVERT deadbolt kit last November 2016 and next month they’re scheduled to debut a Z-wave Version of the CONVERT Lock at ISC West.

Kwikset Convert™ conversion kit is Kwikset’s new Z-Wave™ Smart Lock Conversion Kit. The kit will turn mechanical locks – even non-Kwikset locks – into smart, electronic locks, bringing the convenience of keyless entry and home automation to almost any lock. The new Kwikset Convert will appeal to design-driven homeowners who want a smart lock but also want to maintain the style of the front door or match an existing handle set, and don’t want to change their existing deadbolt or door hardware

Look for Kwikset Convert with Z-Wave Home Connect to be available Q4


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Denon’s New AVR’s

denon heos AVR

If you’re in the market for an Audio/Video Receiver you might be tempted by the recent sale prices of some Denon Receivers last month but Denon is clearing their old models out to make room for three new S-Series receivers set to debut in April.

Three new Denon receivers will be released this month including the top of the line flagship AVR-S930H 7.2 with full 4K HD switching, Dolby Atmos and Denon Heos streaming built in.

The entry level AVR-S530BT is a 4K compatible 5.2 channel AVR with 140 watts per channel and five HDMI inputs.

The most intriguing new AVR in the lineup is the mid level AVR-S730, 7.2 Channel, 4K compatible receiver with Dolby Atmos, HDCP 2.2 Six HDMI Inputs and Denon Heos built in.  The S730 is the lowest priced Denon receiver to include HEOS and is controllable through the Denon AVR Remote or Heos App.

Look for the new Denon AVR’s to be available in Canada this Spring.



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Weiser/Kwikset New Signature Series Deadbolt

Kwikset/Weiser will be showing off their new Signature Series Deadbolt locks at ISC West this year.

The New Signature Series Deadbolts come in two styles Round and Square and three color finishes Satin Nickel, Gold and Venetian Bronze.

Signature series locks feature Home Connect Z-wave technology and will pair with most alarm panels and home automation systems enabling you to monitor, lock and unlock the door lock from your smartphone or tablet.

Signature Series deadbolts do not have keypads and therefore are smaller and more discrete than conventional Smart Locks but provide the same wireless access and control through any internet connected device.

Look for Weiser/Kwikset Signature Series locks to become available this summer.


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2Gig’s New Vario Hybrid Alarm Panel

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2Gig will be showing off their new Vario Hybrid Security System with hard wired and wireless sensor and peripheral options at ISC West this year.

Vario has multiple keypad styles, two-way voice capability and a flexible modular design.




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New Flood – Freeze Sensor from Resolution Products

trident-1Resolution Products will be showing off a New Wireless Flood and Freeze Sensor at ISC West this year.  The New Sensor is called the REx18 TRIDENT and comes in wireless versions compatible with most alarm systems including 2GIG, Honeywell, Interlogix (GE) and DSC.

Previous to the Trident most flood sensors required a Wired Probe attached to a transmitter.

What makes the REx18 Trident Sensor unique is it’s fully self contained hockey puck design which incorporates the water probe, temperature sensor, transmitter and battery pack all in one.

Trident-7Previous water sensors were sometimes difficult or awkward to install but the new Trident Sensor is easy to deploy, attractive and can be installed in many more places where conventional wired or tethered water sensor probes just won’t work.  The REx18 Trident Sensor can be wall mounted or just placed on the floor near the area you wish to monitor.

Traditional water sensors will continue to be used concealed places like sump pumps but the Trident Sensor is attractive enough to be used out in the open and looks great beside or underneath, Sinks, Toilets, Bathtubs, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Washing Machines and Water Heaters.

Trident-6Water damage is among the most costly insurance claims and even a small leak can create thousands of dollars of damage.  Early detection is the key to minimizing and preventing costly water damage from occurring and the new REx18 Trident Sensor is a great way to monitor your home for water leaks and low temperature conditions.

To find out more about the new REx18 Trident Water Sensor visit resolutionproducts or Ion Security


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ISC West 2017

isc logo

ISC WEST, North America’s Largest Security Industry Trade Show and Conference is set to kick off April 5-7 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.  Manufacturer’s use the trade show to show off the latest security technologies and launch new products.  With just two weeks before the show, new product announcements have already begun to trickle in from, Resolution Products, 2Gig, Dahua and others.  Stay tuned we’ll bring you all the new tech highlights from the show starting April 5.


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Rogers – Shuts Down Rogers One Number Service

rogers-1Most Rogers customers were unaware of the Free VOIP Service available to them known as Rogers One but I used it frequently when travelling and saved hundreds of dollars on long distance and network charges.

Rogers One Number allowed you to make and receive calls via Wi-Fi on my iPhone but also on my Wi-Fi Only iPad and Laptop. Friends of mine travelled all through Europe for two months using their iPad with Rogers One Number to make and receive calls for Free during their trip.

Rogers One Number will be shut down on January 31st, 2017 and will be replaced by Rogers Share Everything Plans and a relatively new service Wi-Fi Calling.

Wi-Fi Calling sounds similar to Rogers One however it requires you to have an LTE Sim in your phone with some sort of Data Plan.  Wi-Fi calling can be setup right on your phone and doesn’t require an additional app or web portal like Rogers One did.  The beauty of Rogers One was the ability to use Wi-Fi only tablets or laptops to make and receive calls without the added expense of a Cellular Equipped Tablet or additional Data Plan.  The new Wi-Fi Calling service will only work on devices that have Sim Cards.

While most Canadians never used or even heard of Rogers One, those of us that did use this little gem of a service we are going to miss it.  So goes the price of progress and innovation.



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