Amazon buys Ring and Stops Selling Nest Products

319N9SzWOeL._SL500_AC_SS350_Amazon has announced it will stop selling NEST Products including Nest Thermostats, Cameras, Smoke Detectors, Door Bells and the new Nest Protect Security System.

The move to stop selling Nest on Amazon is part of a bigger war between Amazon and Google as both companies compete for the smart home.  Amazon recently purchased RING the DoorBell and Security Camera manufacturer,  enabling it to compete head to head with Nest and Google.   Google Home products directly compete against Amazon Echo devices and are not available on Amazon.   Amazon will stop selling NEST Products as soon as inventory runs out.

It’s unclear what Amazon intends to do with Ring but what is known Ring will be launching several new products this spring including a New Ring Alarm System.

ring alarmWith the Acquisition of Ring and the potential to control the security system in the Home Amazon’s Key Program would have the ability to disarm your security system, unlock your door, record video of your delivery and re-lock and Arm your security system after the delivery is complete.

Doyle from Ion Smart Security says Smart Key technology already exists with Ion Smart Alarm System but not all courier companies are willing to leave packages inside the home if a signature is required.  Because Amazon’s Key program is controlled by Amazon, “in home delivery” is part of the native delivery process.

If you want more information about Amazon Key or remote door lock access and video monitoring for your home contact Doyle at Ion Smart Security or 780-489-5522.

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