Self-Driving Cars Will Benefit Elderly Drivers


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When we hear the term Self-Driving car we often think of Taxi Cabs, Uber and Highway Transport Trucks.  One market that’s largely ignored but could benefit greatly from Self-Driving technology is Senior Citizens.

My mother (77) stopped driving after having a severe car accident that almost killed her while my father continues to drive at age 78.  Another elderly client of mine can no longer drive for medical reasons at 85 years of age.

For most regions in Canada driving is synonymous with independence and losing the ability to drive can restrict your mobility and affect your lifestyle.  Driving takes physical skills and coordination to control the vehicle but also takes cognition to navigate the roadways, destination and traffic.  As we age our physical strength and coordination may diminish along with our cognitive processes.  Autonomous vehicles can assist aging drivers in both the physical and mental decision making needed to safely operate a motor vehicle benefiting both the driver and passenger in the car as well as the general public.  Self-driving technologies could extend the age in which older drivers are able to operate a motor vehicle and thus provide mobility and independence which otherwise would not be possible.

For more about Self-Driving Cars and the Elderly read Mary M. Chapman’s article in the New York Times at NY Times – Self Driving Cars




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Honeywell SC100-SC105 Seismic Vibration Sensor For ATM’s

honeywell seismicThe Honeywell SC100 and SC105 Seismic Vibration Sensor is specifically designed to detect heat and vibrations which result when fixed solid structures are disturbed.

The sensor was designed to protect bank vaults, safes, ATMs and doors.  Free standing objects including gun cases, vending machines, ticket machines and file cabinets can also be secured using the SC Series Sensors.

Advanced sensing technology reduces the potential for false alarms while still being able to detect heavy blows from hammers, drilling, chisel, pry bar and cutting torches and grinders.

Installation is simple and the sensors can be connected to existing alarm systems and central station monitored.

For more information on call or visit Ion Security 780-489-5522

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Honeywell 5822T Wireless Tilt Sensor

honeywell-garage-collage_110772895822-2Compatible with 2Gig and Honeywell alarm panels the Honeywell 5822 Wireless Tilt Sensor is designed to mount vertically on surfaces that tilt horizontally when opened.

The sensor detects tilt movement and will let the user know if the garage door or tilt window is Open or Closed.  When used with the Ion Security Smart Home Alarm panel users can check the status of the sensor and receive text or email alerts when ever the door is open or closed.

For more information or to add the Honeywell 5822T Wireless Tilt Sensor to your system visit or contact Ion Security 780-489-5522



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GE/Jasco Shows Off 5 New Z-Wave Smart Remotes

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The new GE/Jasco Remote Z-Wave Switches look a lot like Lutron Pico Switches and are the same size and shape as Decor light switches.  The remotes are battery powered so no wiring is required.  They can be mounted inside a standard electrical box or anywhere on a wall or inside a cabinet or closet using the included bracket.

The new remotes include

  • 1-Scene Remote (34172)
  • 2-Scene Remote (34174)
  • 4-Scene Remote (34176)
  • These remotes work with or without a Z-Wave Hub


  • 2-Button Hub Remote (34184) – acts as a hub, up to 12 scene capabilities
  • 4-Button Hub Remote (34186) – acts as a hub, up to 24 scene capabilities
  • Works with some Z-Wave hubs and gateways

Availability is Q4, 2017.



Posted in News | Tagged , , , , , , , , | Leave a comment New POE Cameras introduced two new POE Cameras at ISC West focusing on Small Business use but equally suited for hardwired residential applications.


The ADC-VC725 is a Indoor/Outdoor Bullet camera with IR, HD video and ip66 Rated Enclosure.  The VC725 has a more robust and better mounting system then the ADC 721 Wi-Fi Camera

The ADC-VC825 is an Indoor/Outdoor Dome Camera with with IR, HD video and ip 66 rating.

Both cameras use 4mm lenses and will be available this summer.

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Ring’s New Elite Video Doorbell

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Ring continues to define and refine the Video Doorbell space with the introduction of the New Flush Mount Ring Elite Video Doorbell.

The Ring Elite Video Doorbell is the most affordable flush mount doorbell kit available.  The Elite installs in a standard single gang junction box and comes in four color options, Venetian (Brown), Satin Nickel, Pearl White and Satin Black.

The standard Ring Video doorbell is battery operated while the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Elite video doorbells require hardwire power.

A good, strong Wi-Fi signal is essential for the proper operation of the Ring Doorbell and when Wi-Fi signal is good and internet bandwidth is fast enough the Ring Doorbell works well.

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Amazon may be opening a Retail Store in Your Neighbourhood

For years traditional retailers have been losing sales to On-line shopping with Amazon taking the biggest chunk of internet sales.  Amazon is now threatening retailers again by opening up Bricks and Mortar retail outlets in select communities around the world.

According to Nick Winfield of the New York times Amazon’s current ambitions seem to be focused on Grocery Stores but the company is looking at opening retail stores for larger items like furniture, electronics and appliances.  Retail outlets will also act as a hub for Amazon pickups and deliveries.

Read the full NY Times article at: Amazon Explores Retail Options

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August Adds Z-Wave to Existing Lock Conversion Kits

August was one of the first companies to market a Wi-Fi Lock Conversion kit allowing you to turn an ordinary deadbolt into a Wi-Fi Connected Smart Lock.

This month August added Z-Wave Conversion Kits to their product lineup enabling the August Lock conversion kit to work and pair with Z-Wave Home Automation Hubs and Gateways.

Personally I think the Kwikset/Weiser Convert is a more elegant and refined solution than August but both Conversion Kits make Ordinary Deadbolt locks SMART adding the ability to remotely lock, unlock, receive notification and monitor the status of your connected door lock.

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New 5″ Inch Touchscreen for Concord 4

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Interlogix/GE showed off their beautiful new 5″ Inch Touchscreen for Concord 4 Alarm Panels this week.

The new 5″ inch touchscreen is larger, thinner and sleeker looking than the 4″ inch touchscreen and can be used to program the panel … something the  4″ inch touchscreen cannot do.

Sources say the 4″ Touch Screen and older Concord Numeric Keypads will eventually be phased out replaced by the larger 5″ inch Touch Screen and Euro Designer keypads.

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DSC’s New iOtega Wireless Alarm/Automation System

IMG_6402DSC’s New iOtega Wireless Alarm/Automation System is built around a similar form factor as an Apple TV or Android TV box, just slightly larger.

The NEW iOtega uses DSC Power G Technology and encrypted sensors for security and has built in Wi-Fi and Z-Wave Plus radios for communication and automation.

The backend service is provided by 3G or LTE through SecureNet.

The iOtega Base Station programmed through the Cloud.  The base station has a built in Keypad, Ethernet Port and Power Connector, everything else is handled wirelessly.

Control over the security and automation can be done using the App or optional Wireless Tablet Style Touchscreen.

iOtega can be professionally installed or is equally compatible as an easy to install DIY Device.


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