Bang & Olufen’s New BeoVision Plasma TVs

Bang and Olufen’s like Bose,  is known for doing things a little bit different and B&O’s New BeoVision 85 and 103 inch plasma TVs are the perfect combination of function and style with a price to match.  First off at 85” and 103” B&O’s flat panels are some of the largest available on the market today.  The BeoVision 4-85 and 4-103 are 3D capable  and feature B7O’s BeoSystem3 and VisionClear technology that automatically adjusts the color and brightness depending on the room lighting.  On the style side of things the BeoVision TVs come complete with a motorized integrated stand with raises and lowers and tilts the TV screen to the ideal viewing position automatically each time the Television is turned on.  As a final touch B&O incorporated a built in BeoLad 10 central loudspeaker which uses Acoustic Lens Technology to ensure consistent, smooth, balanced, high frequency dispersion no matter where your sitting in relation to the TV.

So what’s all this style, design and function going to set you back – how about a cool $85,000 grand for the 85” plasma and a whooping $136,000 g’s for the 103 inch model.

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