Business Camera CCTV Systems

At ION Security we started designing and installing Security Camera systems long before the digital age when black and white cameras were the norm and surveillance video was recorded onto VHS time lapse tapes.

A lot has changed over the past 15 years and the industry is poised for another change as we gradually move from analog cameras and digital recording systems into full IP (internet protocol) digital cameras and off site remote monitoring and recording.

ION Security is an expert in the design and installation of Closed Circuit Televisions Systems (CCTV).  The applications for security cameras in business are endless, theft, robbery, credit card fraud, inventory shrinkage, employee surveillance, false insurance claim protection, facility monitoring, front and rear door surveillance and parking lot monitoring just to name a few.  ION Security has a design and solution for all these applications and many more.

Today all CCTV systems are digitally recorded providing more reliable image capture and better resolution than the unreliable, often grainy VHS tapes of the past.  Today’s’ digital video recording (DVR) systems can store weeks or months of video image data which can be recalled almost instantly with a level of efficiency and ease of use unimaginable only a few short years ago.  Most security camera systems today can be views and monitored off site, on your smart phone, iPhone, iPad, at home or virtually anywhere in the world where you have a high speed internet connection.  Whether you need to monitor one camera at one location or multiple cameras at multiple locations we can design a CCTV system solution to meet your needs and budget.

The DVR was a breakthrough replacing the VHS loop recording VCR, the next big thing in video surveillance is fully digital IP cameras and software based Network Video Recorders (NVR).  This technology provides CSI type camera resolution, recording, image capture and playback and is at the infancy of product development.  As the technology develops and pricing begins to drop today’s CCTV systems will eventually be replaced by Hybrid and then Full all Digital IP Cameras and recording systems.

ION Security is at the forefront of this technology change and is proud to offer both Digital DVR and Full Digital IP video surveillance systems.  Call us today for a Free No Obligation analysis of your security and video monitoring needs.

Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems:

  • Burglary and robbery deterrent
  • Increased productivity
  • Protect against false insurance claims
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Reduce employee theft
  • Reduce shoplifting
  • Use as an employee training aid
  • Reduce credit card fraud
  • Alarm verification
  • Monitor outside trailers, vehicles and equipment

Benefits of Digital Surveillance Systems:

  • Better Resolution (Live and Recorded)
  • High Degree of Reliability
  • No Tapes to Change
  • Night vision cameras (can see in the dark)
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) cameras, can see perfectly in challenging
    lighting environments and backlighting and shadow prone areas
  • Easy to search, view and save recorded events
  • Playback and record multiple cameras at the same time simultaneously
  • Record and view multiple live video simultaneously
  • Reduced service and down time
  • Watermarking of recordings to verify authenticity for court
  • Different recording settings for each camera
  • Remote access and viewing of live and recorded events
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