The Best Gas Price Apps to Save You Money!

With the average price of gas rumored to be going up to a $1.50 a litre or more this summer in Canada and gas prices fluctuating wildly from week to week by as much as 14¢ a litre any app that helps you find the cheapest gas price in town and lets you know when the prices are going to go up or down is worth it’s wait in gold.

In Canada there are two main apps for monitoring gas prices, Gas Price Canada and GasBuddy.

Both these apps are Free and help you monitor the price of gas in your own city and elsewhere in the country.

Gas Price Canada App:

Gas Price Canada is a simple app to monitor the daily average price of gas in your city and across the country.  Gas Price Canada is straight forward to use and easy to navigate.  When you launch for the first time, you will need to select a City which will then take you to a local pricing screen which will show you today’s price, yesterday’s price and the day before allowing you to track and see if the price of gas has gone up or down in your city and get a feel for the trend.  Tomorrow’s gas price prediction is posted every weekday around 5pm Eastern time and is displayed as

Green for “Go Fill Up Today, the price is going up tomorrow”


Red for “Stop, fill up tomorrow the price of gas is going down”.

Gas Price Canada uses for it’s data and will send you push notifications if the price of gas is going up tomorrow so you can fill up today and save money.

Not all cities in Canada are included in Gas Price Canada’s price tracking database so read the info description page on iTunes before downloading it to make sure your city is supported.  Speaking of support Gas Price Canada is free app and is ad supported with small scrolling banner apps displayed at the bottom of the page, thankfully the banner ads are pretty small and Not Too Annoying.

GasBuddy App: 

GasBuddy is an excellent app for finding the cheapest price of gas on the go by monitoring the price of gas at various locations and stations within your city.  The app is community supported allowing users to report the price of gas at various stations within their city and qualify for a $250 dollar gas card give away each week a reward. The app home screen gives you the option to find gas near you using the GPS and compass in the iPhone or you can manually type in the city, province or postal code to find gas prices in another city to compare.  GasBuddy doesn’t forecast or predict price changes in advance but does report price changes in real time when a user updates the price of gas at a particular local station.  GasBuddy allows you to display data by cheapest price or closest distance to you.  GasBuddy also allows you to select the grade of gas you wish to price check so if your vehicle uses diesel or premium GasBuddy will display those prices instead of regular which is very helpful since some stations may have the lowest price on regular but not the lowest price on diesel.  GassBuddy integrates with google maps to provide you directions to a particular station if you choose or a map showing the price of gas in a particular area.  Below with each price posted on GasBuddy is an update time so you know when the last price was reported and how accurate it should be.

I find both Gas Price Canada and GasBuddy useful apps for monitoring and shopping around to get the best deal on gas.  Gas Price Canada is great for monitoring pricing trends and potential average price increases or decreases and can save you big bucks before a price increase or decreased is forcast while GasBuddy is great for finding stations with the lowest price on fuel at gas stations near you.  GasBuddy can save you money by letting you know that the station just around the corner is selling gas for 3 or 5¢ cheaper than the station you’re closest too.  If your tank is large like mine a 5¢ saving per litre on gas can save at least $6.00 or $7.00 dollars on a fill up.

With gas prices fluctuating wildly and predicted to reach record highs this summer Gas Price Canada and GasBuddy are free apps that are not only useful but will definitely save you money.

I highly recommend both these apps and personally use them frequently on my iPhone.

Here are the download links:

Gas Price Canada App iTunes download link: Gas Price Canada iTunes Link

GasBuddy iTunes download link: GasBuddy iTunes Link

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