You Think You’re Job Sucks

In the … “You Think Your Job Sucks Category”  take a look at the pictures I took today at the power linemen working on installing new power lines just off the Anthony Henday.  For the past three weeks they’ve been installing new power lines along the Anthony Henday and today when I was driving by I had to take some pictures of these crazy guys.  It’s minus -16 Celsius, 30km winds and just snowed 30cm in the past 48 hours yet two power linemen were standing in a picker truck basket, 180 feet in the air handling high voltage power lines carrying more than 50kV of power.

I took these pictures with my Casio EX-H30 ultra zoom camera, parked on the opposite side of the highway on an off ramp  about 500 feet from the high voltage tower.  The photos are un-retouched or enhanced and look great, especially from a sub $200 point and shoot camera.  The 12.5x Zoom Lens and image stabilization was good enough to allow me to optically zoom in on the linemen working in their picker truck basket.  While the images are slightly softer than my $1000 Canon DSLR for a $159 dollar camera I’m truly impressed with the Casio.  Read my full review at: Casio EX-H30 Review

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